What is SUP?

“SUP” it sounds more like a greeting than the acronym for an acclaimed sport, and yet it stands for Stand Up Paddle boarding. SUP has become famous for many reasons, with the Instagram favorite being the fact that you can take your dog out on the water with you (or a tiny human if you prefer). So if you are completely new to the idea of SUP and are eager to get your head around it, then stick around because we’ll be breaking down some of the basics of SUP.

What Is Different About SUP?

SUP can be typically grouped with other sports involving boards, such as surfing; however, it is quite distinct. The first form of variation comes in with the obvious panel and the second is that SUP boards are meant to be used in water environments that are typically more flat and calmer. In addition, SUP boards are typically bigger in size than surfboards, however, within the hands of an expert rider, the boards are just as useable as a surfboard. Possibly one of the biggest positives of SUP for its practitioners is that it is much easier to learn than other forms of water sports such as surfing.

An inflatable standup paddleboard setup

What Forms Of SUP Are There?

SUP is great for so many reasons, one of the main ones being that SUP is accessible to people of all fitness abilities, age groups, and body shapes. Other reasons for the immense popularity of SUP is that it is so versatile, you can perform yoga on a SUP board while out in the ocean or engage in fishing. Alternatively, you can head out on a SUP tour, which typically consists of a three-day route along a waterway near where you live and of course, don’t forget taking your four-legged friend out on the water with you. Another popular way to enjoy SUP’ing is racing other people who are also SUP’ing.

Where Can You SUP?

SUP is quite popular and has reached all around the world, so it is highly likely to be near your local beachfront or lake. The calmer the waters of the lake or body of water you will be getting on, the easier it will be for you to learn.

SUP has taken the world by storm due to both it’s accessibility for people of all skill levels and its overall level of fun, since it’s worked for so many others, when will you be heading out onto the water?