The Most Unusual Windsurfing Destinations

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If you’ve ever contemplated windsurfing or if you have recently acquired the skill of the sport, then your current idea of a windsurfing spot is your local beach or lake. Yet, the world is a big place, and there are undoubtedly many more options all over the world that will help you to liven up your windsurfing routine or even inspire your next big vacation.


This island is a haven for windsurfers due to its permanent temperate weather and winds that can be counted on for their ever-present consistency. Additional factors that make Mauritius an ideal windsurfing spot is the fact many of the bays have water with almost no waves which will be perfect for beginners. And yet, if you venture out to any of the sun-kissed beaches, there are plenty of waves for the more experienced or adventurous windsurfers. As if this island couldn’t get any better, Mauritius is renowned for its cultural infusion and high affordability.


Asia as a whole is fast becoming one of the most sought after tourist hubs. However, Vietnam is exclusive in its ability to provide windsurfers with idyllic summers and a steady stream of reliable winds. There are so many amazing windsurfing spots within Vietnam, but if there is one that stands out above the rest it would have to be Mui Ne. Hidden within Mui Ne are cross onshore winds that are some of the most enviable in all of Asia, in addition, it is secluded from the hub of tourists and thus will assist you in enjoying your time there.


If you are looking for a vacation that is a little bit closer to home, then why not consider Limnos, Greece. This particular spot is fortunate in having a limited supply of tourists and therefore, will afford you the maximum amount of time on the waves. One particular standout within Limnos is that it offers a lagoon, which can cater for windsurfers of all skill levels, Keros Bay. Keros Bay has the fortunate predisposition of soft, streamlined waves with a minimal chop and relatively stable winds. Alternatively, if you want to explore elsewhere in Europe be sure to head out to Algarve in Portugal. Hopefully, this provided you with a few ideas for where to next head for your future windsurfing adventures, who knows where you will be headed…

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