Safe Sup AWS 9.6 Paddleboard

895,00 579,00

  • Backpack with SAFE logo
  • A repairing kit
  • SAFE double flow pump which inflates up to 1 Bar
  • Pressure gauge
  • Removable neoprene handle
  • One removable central fin
  • Four fixed fins


The AWS 9’6” is the SUP inflatable board ideal for rivers, even the wild ones – it is designed for everyone who loves extreme and adventure sports. You will be part of its excellent performances in rivers, as it is able to face any condition – from the simple and quiet paddling on flat water to wild rivers. The building up and structure of the rail has been remarkably strengthened and it won’t be damaged by any rocks or obstacles. The wide stern and its big dimension make this board ideal also for gliding and paddling in any kind of water surfaces. This is also the only SAFE board which is equipped with 5 fins, 4 are fixed and one is movable. Those features enable also a greater maneuverability – for example, if there are rocks you can easily pull out the movable central fin without renouncing to the maximum stability, guaranteed by the four fixed fins.

  • Inflatable stand up paddle board
  • Weight: 13,5 kg +/- 10%
  • X PRO SUP System