PIQ robot by Duotone


Duotone & PIQ

Duotone altimeter

Duotone and PIQ joined forces and together they have developed an altimeter for kitesurfing. A small device who measures height, hangtime and your landing in G-forces. You can read these numbers after your session via your phone but there is also a small screen on the Duotone PIQ, so you can see how high your last jump was and what was your best jump is.

All of this is recorded on a leaderboard and you see for each kite spot who has the highest daily and globally score, also the best hangtime and who has crashed the hardest. The Duotone PIQ is waterproof but because some serious forces are generated while kitesurfing, they have put it in a waterproof case that you can easily stick in the middle of your board.

The Battery of the Duotone PIQ lasts about 8 hours depending on how much you use the screen on the device. The PIQ comes with a power bank so that you can easily charge it between your sessions without having to use an outlet.

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