Paddle Buddy SUP iSUP Kayak Canoe Paddle holder

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This Paddle Buddy is the perfect accessory for your kayak or standup paddle. Never lose your paddle again with Paddle Buddy! Stick the Paddle Buddy on your board or your kayak and place your paddle on it when you are fishing, doing yoga or enjoying a snack while cruising.
This holder uses a suction mechanism to fix to your board. You can adjust it with an endless screw that adjust the suction to your board.

  • Made in a reinforced plastic that does not deteriorate with salt water.
  • Can be used with carbon fiber paddles, aluminum and wooden paddles of 3 cm diameter.
  • Can fit also GoPro’s stick.
  • Works on rigid and inflatables surfaces.


Paddle Buddy is the perfect accessory for your standup paddle, kayak or canoeing.

It works perfectly on epoxy or rigid surfaces. It also work on inflatables iSUP thanks to a special disc included in the package.

Uses a suction fastening mechanism perfect for kayaks, canoes, standup paddles and surf boards.

Built with reinforced plastic to resist to salty water.