Mistral CarboWing at the Boot Dusseldorf 2020

Mistral is coming back by introducing a fully integrated, carbon windsurf sail named “CarboWing” which aims at revolutionising the windsurf sails as  we know it. This is one of the main innovations in windsurfing we have seen at the Boot 2020.

The new concept from Mistral comes with a 3-pieces 480cm carbon-fibre mast. Each piece of the mast (of around 2mts length) mounts on top of each other to welcome a special, ad-hoc sail, from Mistral. In this concept, the sail has no more usual mast sleeve but is rather “sliding in” in a internal mast track similar to sail boats or dinghy.

The mast pieces are centrally connected by a special “never ending screw” that allows to for attaching the boom, also made by carbon-fibre.

CarboWing innovative system

At last, there is no need for any mast extension, so it comes with an integrated Euro-pin mast foot.

Regarding performances, this “carbon-fibre super combination” contributes to a very light sail (you can lift it with 1 single finger!) with an incredible stiffness.

In fact, because the mast construction in solid carbon fibre, it does not “bend” when the wind hits the sail surface, the sail uses more wind but remains light in the hands.

The mast does not fill with water so its lighter and easier for water starting.

We have not got the opportunity to test the sail but this video from Mistral and rider Svetlana Kolpikova seems very promising.

Also, because it is a concept, the final retail price is not yet know, but it should be in the highest range of the most expensive sails in the market.

We consider the CarboWing concept quite interesting because can really facilitate the transportation of our gear. In fact, the reduced length of the mast and the very light weight can be a value added to this new concept.

But it comes with some concerns: how much market this new sail can have ? Definitely not for the new windsurf entrants, as the price tag will be a great entry barrier. What about compatibility with other brands? Will other brands embrace this new mast track ? And what about durability ?

We will stay tuned !

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