Essential Equipment For Windsurfing

Windsurfing, while classified as an extreme adventure sport, is a pursuit that has been growing in popularity
all over the world over the past few years. If you are keen to begin learning
how to windsurf, then read on to discover the most essential items for your
windsurfing experience.

A Board

A windsurfing board is the most essential piece of equipment, it can be made of expanded polystyrene foam (epoxy),
fiberglass, PVC or carbon fiber and some brands experiments also other materials such as wood or bamboo. It is generally recommended that newcomers to the sport should consider choosing a board with more volume, a daggerboard and no footstraps. More experienced windsurfers are steered towards smaller volume boards, without a daggerboard and with footstraps to use when speed planning on the water.

The sail

The sail consists of three separate parts, namely the boom, the mast and the sail itself. The
mast provides structural support for the sail, keeping it in tension to catch the wind in gusts and lulls. The boom provides the steering of your sail and for you as it is where you will hold onto.
The sail is the most important part of the rig, and can be of several different sizes, shapes and built with several different materials. Normally newcomers start with sails with Dacron cloth, a simple but strong material that is light for first sessions on the water. More experienced windsurfers are normally using stronger sails built with X-ply and transparent mono-film to allow for extreme conditions.
Last, the size of the sail is largely dependent on the conditions, on your weight and on the discipline you are looking to practice. For instance, foil or wave-riding disciplines requires different types and sizes of sails.

A Helmet

Don’t underestimate the usage of a helmet. A helmet is an absolutely essential piece of equipment that will protect you from head injuries and also give you greater peace of mind while out on the waves. You will not regret it when you catapult or your mast fall into your head!


A wetsuit is not just for individuals swimming within cold ocean waters, wetsuits are an absolute must have for windsurfing. This is due to the fact that wetsuits assist in protecting people from various natural elements such as sun exposure or helping to regulate internal body temperature while in the ocean water. Also, think about sea life, and wetsuits is a must have.

Impact vest

An impact vest is a new addition to water sports, but gaining quite popularity for its great added value. First, it maintains buoyancy should you fall off your board, and second, it protects you when you fall into the water at high speed. You can hit your mast or boom and a impact vest can absorb the shock and avoid serious injuries.

Protective shoes

This might not seem like an obvious thing but having the correct form of footwear for windsurfing will help to ensure that your feet will have excellent grip while on the windsurfing board, but also that your feet will have additional protection from potential scrapes and injuries caused by objects (shells, rocks) on the sea bed.

Polarized sunglasses

Many people don’t consider their eyes while out in the sun, however, your eyes are in desperate need of protection. Therefore, it is advisable that while windsurfing you make use of a pair of sunglasses. In particular, polarized sunglasses are an excellent piece of equipment to use when windsurfing as they remove the glitter from the water surface and allows riders to check the sea to understand where a gust of wind is coming.

These are the essential items that will help you to begin your journey into windsurfing, what’s stopping you?