5 Quick Tips For Beginner Windsurfers

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If you are interested in windsurfing and have absolutely no idea about how to begin, or have been out on the water once or twice and want some tricks to improve your form, then look no further. Grab your board and mentally memorize these five quick tips for windsurfing that all beginner windsurfers could surely benefit from.

Start in the good season

It is a good practice to start in the summer season. As you will read below, you will fall a lot of times at the beginning, so being in cold waters is not really ideal. However, if you don’t have any option than to be in cold waters, make sure to wear a wetsuit.

Balance It Out

Windsurfing holds something in common with learning to ride a bicycle in that the key to the motion is finding your balance. Unfortunately, this is something that does come with lots of trial and error, a couple of falls into the water and of course, a lot of time out on the water. However, some general rules apply, the more obvious things relate to keeping your knees bent and having a wide stance, something less obvious could be wearing non-slip shoes to enhance your grip while on the board.

Get The Right Gear

Starting with the right equipment is key. Before you head out and buy the top of the range kit that you’ve noticed on some Olympic or Professional windsurfing athletes, bear in mind that what is necessary for them may not be suited to you. It is generally promoted that novices to windsurfing begin with a smaller sail and large boards and as your skills progress you can choose to go with larger sails.

Education Is Essential

Consider getting some private or group lessons, even just some advice from a seasoned professional could be the difference between weeks of struggling and a few days of perfecting your newfound abilities. Although some of your friends may attempt to lead you through good intentions, it is always preferable to gain the insight of a professional, especially in extreme sports.

How’s The Weather?

Gain an understanding of the weather, knowing the wind conditions before heading out to the beach or lake will keep you safe. Help you memorize what tides you will experience and what kind of a day you will be having. In addition, you also need to be aware that although storms look amazing, they are not ideal weathers to windsurf beginners. Make sure you check Windguru.cz or Windy.tv to learn about wind, tide and sea conditions.

Conquer Your Fears

Please don’t be afraid or ashamed to fall. Everyone, absolutely everyone had to go through the motions of learning before they became pro’s at the sport and you too will go through this process.

In conclusion, the most important tip we could ever give to any beginner windsurfer is to practice, practice and then, practice again. That is the single most important tip that will help to change you from a novice into an expert windsurfer in hardly any time at all.

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